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Chargers’ Head Coach Concerned about Manti Te’o’s Invisible Friend

Manti Te'o

Manti Te’o (Photo credit: Hoosierguy Jeff)

Charger’s head coach, Mike McCoy, was both concerned and intrigued after learning his 2nd draft pick, Manti Te’o, has an invisible friend.

Last year Te’o’s imaginary dead girlfriend hoax both angered fans and lowered his draft stock. McCoy was justifiably skeptical when the defensive linebacker claimed that his new invisible friend was named ‘God’—the “Grandmaster of Defense.” Continue reading

Super Bowl 2013 Power Outage: A Publicity Stunt for the New Nerf Nite Brite Football

The Superdome “power failure” during this year’s Super Bowl 2013, according to our sources, was actually an elaborate marketing ploy by Nerf to advertise their new Nite Brite Glow In The Dark Football.

Nerf and The NFL previously agreed on a 500 million dollar deal that would require the 49ers and Ravens to play one down during the Super Bowl with the Nerf Nite Brite football during a supposed black out.

Unfortunately for Nerf, the associate responsible for providing the Nite Brite football called out “sick” right before the power failure as an act of protest against the child labor mills that produce the Nite Brite footballs in the Philippines.  According to a Nerf engineer, the chemical used to make the new Nite Brite footballs glow, is actually the same toxic, radioactive substance that is used in Nuclear Warheads.

Sorry Nerf, but it looks like your $500 million dollar publicity stunt just spiraled down the drain.