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Egypt’s Armed Forces Demolish Pyramids

Egypt's Armed Forces blow up pyramids with explosives

Egypt’s Armed Forces blow up pyramids with explosives

Egypt’s Armed Forces shocked the world this week after demolishing its renowned pyramids with high-powered explosives.

In an exclusive New Porker interview, Egypt’s Defense Minister, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, discusses the top reasons why Egypt’s Army demolished the pyramids.

“You wouldn’t know it from their stony exterior,” al-Sisi said, “But all the pyramids were infested with termites.” Continue reading

Paula Deen Moves to Nigeria in an Attempt to Repair her Image with African Americans

Rare photo of Paula Deen in Nigeria

Rare photo of Paula Deen in Nigeria

Due to allegations of racism, Paula Deen’s cooking empire continues to crumble like the crust of her famous Apple Crumb Pie. In a radical publicity stunt, Deen moved to Nigeria in an attempt to repair her tarnished image within the African American community and regain support from her corporate sponsors.

Deen has already filmed and broadcast her new African-inspired cooking show, Paula’s Skin and Skewer Hoedown, on the popular Nigerian television network, NTA. The first episode features Deen, garbed in a colorful lion-print dashiki and a purple Gele head wrap, purchasing a Nigerian dwarf goat from a villager in a straw hut. Deen then proceeds to tie the goat to a tree, “Watch Continue reading

The World is Sick and Satired of Phony News

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every four minutes another satirical news site is born on the world wide web. Even Google News now includes satirical journalism in their feed, leaving hundreds confused and upset every day. Groups of people and concerned organizations fed up with this ironic trend have threatened to take legal action against the satirical superpowers, The Onion and Fox News, hoping to scare off burgeoning satire sites and put an end to “fake news” around the world.   

“I can’t trust anything anymore,” said Samuel Buckwell, a victim of deceitful journalism. “For years I religiously read The Onion and Fox News because I thought their stories were true and reliable. Well, you can imagine how Continue reading

Stephen Hawking Discovers Groundbreaking ‘Rainbow Gene’ Believed to Turn All Men Gay by 2020

English: NASA StarChild image of Stephen Hawking.

English: NASA StarChild image of Stephen Hawking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a recent discovery, Stephen Hawking identified a newly developed genetic mutation in men he coined the Rainbow Gene. Hawking believes this mutation has evolved as a natural result of overpopulation. 

In his laboratory notes, Hawking observes that the Rainbow Gene is unquestionably the “finest coifed gene in the double-helix.” He predicts it will cause all men to become bi-sexual by 2016. And by 2020, Hawking estimates that all men will evolve into “full-fledged gaydom.”

Hawking unveiled his findings at a recent TED Talk at Cambridge University, where he had long been a professor of Mathematics. Hawking’s fear of overpopulation has forced him into early retirement where he now obsessively researches the human genome. Continue reading