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Paula Deen Moves to Nigeria in an Attempt to Repair her Image with African Americans

Rare photo of Paula Deen in Nigeria

Rare photo of Paula Deen in Nigeria

Due to allegations of racism, Paula Deen’s cooking empire continues to crumble like the crust of her famous Apple Crumb Pie. In a radical publicity stunt, Deen moved to Nigeria in an attempt to repair her tarnished image within the African American community and regain support from her corporate sponsors.

Deen has already filmed and broadcast her new African-inspired cooking show, Paula’s Skin and Skewer Hoedown, on the popular Nigerian television network, NTA. The first episode features Deen, garbed in a colorful lion-print dashiki and a purple Gele head wrap, purchasing a Nigerian dwarf goat from a villager in a straw hut. Deen then proceeds to tie the goat to a tree, “Watch Continue reading