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At Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral, Justin Bieber Makes New ‘Beliebers’



Margaret Thatcher’s request to have pop singer Justin Bieber perform at her funeral was believed to be a hoax, until the Thatcher family made Margaret’s official funeral arrangements public. 

“Throughout the years, my reputation as ‘Iron Lady’ has led many to believe that I’m a soulless, cold curmudgeon,” Thatcher wrote in her funeral arrangements. “That depiction of me couldn’t be further from the truth. Deep down inside me lives little Maggie Thatcher, who’s just as vulnerable as anybody.” Continue reading

Bob Ross Faked Death to Follow his Calling as Banksy

The Joy of Painting

The Joy of Painting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an exclusive New Porker interview, the artist formerly known as Bob Ross reveals he faked his 1995 death so that he could pursue his true calling: as the enigmatic, graffiti provocateur, Banksy

Ross is best known for his PBS series The Joy of Painting, where he taught audiences how to paint landscapes and small animals. “In the beginning, I was just happy to be making a living painting,” Ross said, stroking his rescued hedgehog Tonto, in an undisclosed bunker in London. “But PBS took advantage of my passion for art and locked me into a lifetime contract, or as I called it: indentured servitude.  I was shackled to their corporate canvas.” Continue reading

George Bush: The Lonely Artist

A hacker recently released three untitled paintings stolen from George Bush’s email.  And might we say, they’re nothing short of spectacular. George Bush has been long revered as one of America’s greatest leaders, but now many believe he is also America’s most brilliant living artist.

George Bush, "Nighthawks" Continue reading