The World is Sick and Satired of Phony News

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every four minutes another satirical news site is born on the world wide web. Even Google News now includes satirical journalism in their feed, leaving hundreds confused and upset every day. Groups of people and concerned organizations fed up with this ironic trend have threatened to take legal action against the satirical superpowers, The Onion and Fox News, hoping to scare off burgeoning satire sites and put an end to “fake news” around the world.   

“I can’t trust anything anymore,” said Samuel Buckwell, a victim of deceitful journalism. “For years I religiously read The Onion and Fox News because I thought their stories were true and reliable. Well, you can imagine how horrified I was when it came to my attention that both news companies actually fabricate their stories for the sake of being ironic.”

The ACLU is also taking legal action against a number of satirical sites such as Fox News. The ACLU claims, “Fox News should be ashamed of profiting from a demographic of people with low IQs who will clearly believe anything they are fed—accepting it as fact, even when it goes against their own wellbeing and personal interest. We have sent cease and desist letters to Fox News and dozens of other news sites that have been violating The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 by peddling phony journalism to the intellectually impaired. If these charlatans do not discontinue taking advantage of the rationally disabled, we will be forced to take legal action.”

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4 thoughts on “The World is Sick and Satired of Phony News

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  2. David

    You’re so fucking funny, Fox News. The worst bullshit is fed to us from the mainstream leftist media. CBS, Komo etc push the man made global warming scam constantly despite all the scientific evidence supporting skeptics.
    So this a satirical news item about the prolifieration of harmful satirical news. Wow, the level of post modern ironic humour is incredible, you’re so hip and trendy.

    1. The New Porker Post author

      Oh, hey David! Thank you for the response! You’re a pretty kool kat yourself. At The New Porker, we strive to stay abreast of what’s hip and trendy. On week days (none of us have real jobs. Duh!), we get together in my parents’ basement and play jazz (sometimes we fight over who get’s to slap the bass) and smoke cigarettes and listen to records such as Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk then don our scarves and sip chai teas in the window of the Havana cafe where a slam poet will slam poetry for a minimum of two hours for open mic night.

      You’re welcome to join us next Thursday for a jam sesh if you can take off work (it sounds like you probably have a good job and really know how to “bring home the bacon” as they say, which, I mean, is totally cool with me because someone’s got to pay my unemployment, right?!), but open mic night is already sold out. But maybe next week?


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