Hugo Chavez: The Death of a Great Leader and a Beautiful Voice

Hugo Chavez in visita a Milano

Hugo Chavez in visita a Milano

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s greatest leader and singer is dead, along with many Venezuelans hope for the future.  Before Chavez, Venezuela was renowned as “the world’s most mediocre country,” but Chavez’s forward thinking and pitch-perfect voice allowed Venezuela’s exports to skyrocket and its murder rate to drop exponentially.

Chavez was a modest, loving man whose witticisms rivaled those of Oscar Wilde.  China’s president Hu Jintao claimed that once Chavez had the U.N. council “rolling on the floor laughing” after a string of quips about fossil fuels and human rights.

Although Chavez never ran for President, he always won as a write-in by at least 90%.  Like America’s George Washington, Chavez never asked to be President, but he never complained about it either.  After hearing the news about Chavez’s death, President Obama stated during a press conference, “Chavez and I were long time amigos.  He taught me valuable lessons on how to run a country, but more importantly, how to be a good friend.”  Obama then kissed his fist and pointed to the stars, “Say hola to Chuy up there for me, amigo, and keep a cold cereveza on deck.”

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